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Services Provided by a Furnace Contractor in Glendale, AZ

Old gas and electric furnaces are both less efficient and less safe than their newer counterparts. That’s a large part of the reason that so many homeowners are choosing to install newer models. Newer furnaces still require maintenance, though, which is why it’s important to find a Furnace Contractor in Glendale AZ that can provide basic maintenance and repair in addition to performing new installations.

Basic Maintenance Services for Gas Furnaces

When homeowners call to have their furnaces scheduled, they can expect a full professional evaluation of the unit, whether it is gas or electric. Gas furnace inspections should include an evaluation of the motors, capacitors, pilot lights, filters, and heating anticipators. The technician should also ensure that the thermostat is in working order, check for carbon monoxide and gas leaks, ensure proper operating sequence, check the flue venting, and retest the flame sensors.

New Unit Installations

If an old unit has ceased to function, is not providing enough heat, or is operating inefficiently, a Furnace Contractor in Glendale AZ can install a new one. This installation should also include the replacement of gas shutoff valves and flex lines in gas furnaces, new ductwork to ensure proper air flow, and the installation of all necessary electrical connections. Once the unit is installed, the technician should provide a final inspection to check for gas and carbon monoxide leaks on gas units and ensure that the furnace is ready for safe operation.

Furnace Repairs

While issues like inefficient operation and gas leaks generally require the installation of an entirely new unit, there are some problems that can be fixed by simply replacing a part. Parts that can be easily replaced without necessitating a new furnace or heating unit include motors, control boards, flame sensors, gas valves, and hot surface igniters depending on the model.

Get Help Now

Need to find a full-service heating and air conditioning company to perform basic maintenance and repairs or install a new heating unit? The best time to ensure proper furnace operation is now, before the winter cold sets in. Contact Arctic Fox Air Conditioning & Heating today for a free estimate on heating services.

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