5 Benefits of Sewer Jetting in Philadelphia

by | Nov 30, 2017 | Plumbing

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Every homeowner will eventually encounter a clogged drain or sewer. When it comes to a slow drain, there are a variety of ways to fix the issue, but none are as effective as sewer jetting in Philadelphia. The process involves the use of a special hose that blasts pressurized water through the line, clearing blockages and buildups. Below are several benefits of sewer jetting as compared to traditional methods.

It’s Effective

Conventional methods work for most clogs, but they’re nowhere near as effective as water jetting. The process fully clears lines, removing all traces of buildups unlike traditional methods such as snaking. Over the years, the leftover residue can gather and lead to further drainage issues. However, with water jetting, that’s not an issue.

It Helps Homeowners Save Money

Although jetting costs more than traditional techniques, it can help customers save in the long term. As mentioned above, jetting completely clears the pipe, reducing the chance of future issues. The process is extremely efficient, and it usually takes less time than other methods. When a plumber charges an hourly rate, this can lead to significant savings.

It’s Very Sanitary

Although a plumber does all the work, sanitation is still essential. With conventional drain clearing methods, there’s a risk of contact with sewage and debris, but with sewer jetting in Philadelphia, there’s less chance of coming into contact with these harmful contaminants.

It’s Eco-Friendly

Some may consider the use of water for sewer cleaning to be wasteful, but it isn’t. Compared to the procedures and chemicals used in conventional drain cleaning methods, water jetting is eco-friendlier. It’s safe for buildings and homes located near fresh water sources like lakes, ponds, and rivers.

It’s Versatile

Many believe that hydro jetting is used only for commercial jobs, but it can resolve residential plumbing problems as well. Water jetting is very versatile and can handle anything from a small clog to a sewer line blocked by tree roots.

Sewer jetting has many benefits, as shown here. If a home or business owner wants to know more about how water jetting can fix clogged pipes and slow drains, they can visit our website or call today to speak to a licensed, knowledgeable plumber.