What Should Homeowners Know About Backflow Prevention Testing?

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Plumbing

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Backflow devices help to protect a homeowner’s water supply from becoming contaminated by raw sewage and it also helps to protect the municipal water supply. These valves, referred to as reduced pressure zone valves are vital for protecting the drinking water supply of homes. Because these valves can begin to fail over time, it is essential homeowners seek Backflow Prevention Testing. With this testing, homeowners can rest assured their water supply will be safe.

When Is an RPZ Valve Required?

These valves are required to be installed in homes with fire suppression systems, large boilers, and irrigation systems. When an irrigation system is in place, pesticides could be transferred to the water supply. Boilers and suppression systems can lead to stagnant water that bacteria begins to thrive in. With a valve in place, these issues can be prevented so they do not cause any problems with the water supply.

Backflow Prevention Testing needs to be carried out on a regular basis and after the following events.

  • Hydrant flushing
  • Breaks in the city water main
  • Water leaks in the house
  • Breaks in the house water service
  • Hydrant use due to fires

These events can lead to greatly reduced water pressure in the lines, which can cause a backflow of contaminants to enter the water supply. Aside from the above events, testing should be carried out annually so that a homeowner can meet their city’s certification guidelines to ensure their reduced pressure zone valve is working properly.

Call For Service

If your home’s RPZ valve is in need of testing, it is essential you call the professionals for service right away. Waiting too long could place a family at risk of consuming contaminated water and could lead to fines by the city for not having the proper certification.

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