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by | Jan 8, 2013 | Plumbing

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Many homeowners or building contractors who are considering plumbing in Midlothian VA are working within a cost budget.  They will have plans that show the location of the necessary water and gas fixtures, but may not have much more than that integrated into the design.  They encounter a problem when they try to estimate the total cost of the construction when they do not feel comfortable figuring out an accurate value for the part of the cost assigned to plumbing.  This is the time when it is useful to contact a professional firm for plumbing in Midlothian VA that can come in and help you finish the quotes.

One of the best reasons for getting an accurate quote from a professional firm for plumbing in Midlothian VA is it is often free.  Many firms will perform this quote in the hopes of being chosen as the active contractor.  Because of this arrangement, there is almost no reason for a general contractor to bypass the services of a professional quote in order to make a less educated guess himself.

Any contractor that has tried to estimate the costs of a plumbing installation understands the difficulties of producing an accurate number.  The goal is to produce a quote that is within 10% of the final actual value, but this turns out to be a pretty tough target for contractors without plumbing experience.  One of the main reasons for this is that the quote is a function of the length of pipe installed.  Without the actual routes that the pipe will go, a contractor may assume that the length would be the shortest rectilinear path from the main to each fixture.  But, how can fixtures be combined on an individual line?  How is the fixture pressure affected, and how do you make sure to avoid pipe banging?  How is the distribution changed if the fixtures are on an upper floor?  In addition, what building code requirements affect the routing?  Some game contractors may take their estimate and add some fudge factor like 40% to it.  Sometimes this works, but you take a huge chance of miscalculating the pipe length and misquoting the work.

Moreover, calculating the pipe length is only the start.  You must still calculate pipe diameters and pipe materials, again best determined by a qualified plumbing expert.

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