Septic Charlottesville – Causes of Odor

by | Jan 8, 2013 | Plumbing

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Contrary to popular belief, septic tanks are not supposed to have an awful odor. A tank that is constructed properly and well maintained will not have a noticeable odor.

Septic Charlottesville tanks are common in rural areas where an elaborate sewage system is unavailable. You would not be able to tell the difference between homes that make use of the sewage system and those that have a septic tank if you were to visit them.

If your tank is giving off a noticeable odor, this is a sign of a problem. It is important for you to check to ensure that the tank is working properly. The following are the three most common causes for odors in these tanks.

* Check your drains to ensure that they have what is known as a water trap. A dry drain is one of the most common causes of odors from a septic Charlottesville tank. A water trap is a U-shaped segment of a pipe leading to the tank. This U-shaped segment is filled with water and should always have some water in it. The U-shaped water trap allows wastewater to drain into the tank and prevents bad odors from escaping out of the tank and back up the pipe.

* If your drains are dry, simply fill them with water and ensure that the water level is maintained. Ensure that the pipes are used periodically. This will prevent the drain from drying up.

* Another common cause of bad odors from septic tanks is problems occurring within the vent stack. The vent stack is the pipe that leads to the tank and out to the open air. This stack lets fresh air into the tank and allows for aerobic activity to occur within the tank. The stack also allows for other gases to be released into the atmosphere and therefore prevent their accumulation in the tank.

* Check to ensure that your vent stack is not clogged. Remove any debris within the vent stack manually to allow gases to pass through the stack. You should also ensure that the vent stack is tall enough to allow bad odors to be swept away by the wind and therefore prevent them from reaching those within or around the compound.

* Broken seals or gaskets can also cause odors in septic Charlottesville tanks. This is a common occurrence around the base of toilets. You may detect the smell within your home. This requires the assistance of a professional plumber.

Take your time to investigate the cause of the odor in your tank. Ensure that you keep your septic tank maintained to prevent the development of a bad odor. Have a professional company check the tank when you notice a bad odor.

A well maintained Septic tank should not give off a noticeable odor. In case of a bad odor, contact a professional company to check your tank.