Signs it is Time for Water Heaters Repair in Alexandria VA

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Plumbing

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If a homeowner does not have the convenience of a water heater to provide hot water in their home, it will make several day to day tasks quite difficult. This includes taking a shower and cooking. The good news is, a quality water heater that is installed by the professionals can last for several years without requiring any repairs. This is especially true if the homeowner calls for regular maintenance each year.

However, no water heater can remain issue free forever. Knowing the signs it is time for water heaters repair in Alexandria, VA helps to ensure the unit doesn’t stop working altogether.

Reduction to the Supply of Hot Water in the Home

If people in a person’s home begin having to go without getting hot showers, then it is time to figure out why this is happening. In most cases, this type of issue indicates a dip tube that is broken inside the tank. There may also be a leak somewhere in the system. Regardless of the reason, a homeowner does not have to “tolerate” this reduction in the hot water in the home. It is best to call for water heaters repair in Alexandria, VA right away.

The Water Doesn’t Get Hot Enough

If a homeowner only gets lukewarm water, or even cold water, when the hot water is turned on, then there is likely an issue with the water heater’s power supply. This is true regardless of if the tank is gas or electric. The fact is, a failed pilot light or burnt-out heating element can be the problem. This means that it is time to call the professionals to ensure the issue is fixed.

When it comes to water heaters, a homeowner shouldn’t take chances. If they notice any problem or change in the hot water, then calling for service right away is a must. More information about hiring a professional for water heater repair can be found by contacting the staff at Business Name. Being informed is the best way to ensure that the desired results are achieved and that the water heater continues working properly.