Keeping Your Home Clog-Free and Running Great: Plumbing 101

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Plumbing

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Your home contains a complex system of products and fixtures to keep it running smoothly for you and your family. Interior and exterior plumbing components are an essential part of everyday necessities and require care and maintenance, and sometimes even repair and replacement. It is important to be aware of the types of services you can receive for your Skokie plumbing needs to keep your home systems in tip-top shape.

Interior Plumbing Services

Bathroom clogs are one of the top plumbing problems that homeowners request service for in the Skokie area. Soap and scum buildup and hair are very problematic for pipes and need cleaning or rodding to take care of the clogged drain. Kitchen sinks can have issues as well with clogs or leaks. It is important to get leaks addressed as soon as possible because they can inflict damage on cabinets, floors, and more.

The replacement of interior plumbing products is also a frequent request. Skokie plumbing specialists can replace kitchen and bathroom sinks and faucets when they get old or fail, or for a remodel to get a brand new look. Water heaters are a daily need for homeowners, and replacing older ones before they fail and cause major inconveniences or leaking that causes flood damage to your home is a proactive and smart decision for your home.

Exterior Plumbing Services

Sewer maintenance and flood management are services that are very important in this part of the state. Tree roots are notorious at causing problems with drainage and can be dealt with through rodding or even hydro-jetting for really tough clogs. If repairs need to be performed on exterior pipes, video inspections can be completed to ensure minimum disturbance to lawns and landscaping on your property.

Flooding can cause major structural damage to your home inflicting high costs for repairs. Flood control systems can be put in place to divert water away from your foundation and susceptible interior construction materials like drywall, flooring, electrical outlets and the like. These systems divert the water into the home’s sewer pipes in an efficient manner. Prevention of major events that can create unnecessary burdens on a household budget is a smart choice for homeowners in the Skokie area.

Professional plumbers and technicians provide many needed services to keep your home in good working order. Being aware of the types of maintenance and repair options you have is important to prevent issues, but also to know where to turn when a plumbing problem occurs in your home.