Important Information About Camlocks

by | Jun 8, 2015 | Piping And Plumbing Fittings

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Groove couplings or Camlocks are used in various industries as hose connections to prevent leakages. Groove couplings are used in systems which filing of chemical drums is required. They can also be used in industries that require ink, dye, and paint medium transfers. Groove couplings can be made using a wide range of materials, such as polypropylene, aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Materials used to couplers are selected depending on the fluids being transported through the systems. Other factors considered when choosing materials for cam lock fittings are cost, pressure ratings, flexibility and environmental conditions. Here are the most important details you should know about couplers.

Applications for Groove Couplings

Groove couplings are rated and designed for a particular industry or application. The common types of cam lock fittings based on their application include:

     *     Hydraulic Fittings: Hydraulic couplings are designed for hydraulic lines. They made using hard, dense materials that can withstand high working pressures.

     *     Water Fittings: Water couplers are designed for use with portable pressurized water.

     *     Gas and pneumatic fittings: They are designed for use with noxious and explosive gasses. Pneumatic fittings are specifically designed for pneumatic systems and compressed airlines.

Types of Coupler Connections

     *     Chemical fittings: These are designed and rated for particular chemicals such as oil, fuel, bases, acids and solvents.

When choosing your cam lock fitting, it is imperative to consider what end of each piece of the coupler will connect to. Some common coupler connection types include:

     *     Threaded fittings: Threads are common connections used for tubes, pipes and hoses.

     *     Plain ends: Plain end connections enable connections to be soldered, brazed, glued or welded to the associate tube or pipe.

     *     Flanges: Flange fittings are typically collars, ribs, edges or rims with flush surfaces.

     *     Compression fittings: Compression fittings connect to tubes using compression on the ferrule, ring or gasket. Groove couplings made for compression connections have open female threads that easily accept compression rings.

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