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Fresh And Inviting Bathroom Remodeling in Potomac MD.

High impact decorating can add sparkle and renewed zest when doing bathroom remodeling in Potomac. The hardest working room in your house deserves a makeover more frequently than other less used rooms and it can easy, fun and inexpensive. Bathrooms are generally small compared to the other rooms in the house so it’s quite possible to do a makeover in a weekend. And because the bathroom is small, if you try something wildly creative and you don’t like it when it’s all done, do it again, it’s not a big deal.

One of the easier and more exciting things to try is the application of paintable wallpaper. The textures that are available allow the weekend do-it-yourself interior decorator to add a look of embossed white plaster. Just imagine what your bathroom remodeling in Potomac project would look like if you installed a simple chair rail running the walls of the bathroom and below the chair rail, the embossed wallpaper, perhaps painted in a cheerful color that will compliment those expensive new towels that you recently bought.

If your house was built in the 70s there is a good chance the floor tiles are a dark color which was all the rage at the time. If they are still in good condition and you don’t want to replace them at this time then consider doing something light, airy and interesting with the walls to draw the eye up. Carry the paint color into the ceiling rather than create another color again. If the bathroom floor is vinyl tile, consider painting it as a cool bathroom remodeling in Potomac hint. Use a specialty primer and then perhaps add stenciling as a border treatment. Once you have the look you want, follow it with five or six coats of polyurethane. This polyurethane sealer will act as if it was a coat of plastic. A really interesting look can be achieved if you tear up irregular bits from brown paper bags, scatter them in a random fashion and then apply the half dozed coats of polyurethane. The effect is quite dramatic and it’s hard to tell it from leather or stone.

Because the bathroom gets damp from the bath and shower, don’t use expensive art work. There is no doubt that art looks great in the bathroom remodeling in Potomac project so consider framing whimsical prints from magazines or books. They won’t cost you much in the first place and when they become a little worse for wear because of the dampness, simply replace them with more prints. There are many attractive, brightly colored plastic frames that are ideal for this task. Don’t be afraid to make your own shower curtain either. Custom made designer shower curtains can cost perhaps $200, by purchasing fabric and a few grommets you can make your.

The craftsmanship of your bathroom work should be first rate, so find a professional bathroom remodeling company in Potomac and Bethesda MD, who offer this service at a competitive prices and work around your schedule. Visit for more information.

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