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How To Perform A Septic Pump Replacement in Titusville FL

How To Perform A Septic Pump Replacement in Titusville FL

Septic pumps are a crucial component of any septic system. When a pump starts to malfunction, it can cause instant havoc with the functioning of the entire system. If someone feels like they are a handyman or a do-it-yourselfer, they may feel inclined to replace the pump themselves. Here is a how-to guide on Septic Pump Replacement in Titusville FL.

Step 1

Determine which septic pump is broken. If the toilets are draining slowly, not flushing correctly, or if there is a backed-up mess in the basement, the grinder pump is in need of replacement. If the waste is not being transported to the drainage field, the sump pump is in need of replacement.

Step 2

Now it is time to find the pump. Septic pumps are almost always located in the basement of the home. The grinder pump is connected to a drainage pipe. This pipe then flows into the septic tank. Turn off the power leading to the septic pump. Disconnect all wires that lead from the pump. If necessary, write down where each wire goes so that they can easily be reconnected the same way.

Step 3

Follow the instructions from the new pump to hook the electrical wires in the proper manner. Some instances of Septic Pump Replacement in Titusville FL may call for extra wiring, these can be added according to the instructions.

Step 4

Turn the power back on which leads to the pump. Test the pump by turning it on, once it is operational, the entire system will go back to functioning as normal.

Step 5

Remove the broken sump pump from the sump pit. This can be done by simply unplugging it from the wall outlet. There will be flexible tubing hooked to it which must be gently removed to check the valve.

Step 6

Place the new sump pump in exactly the reverse order as it was taken out. Plug it into the wall and turn it on.

By following these simple steps, the pumps can be replaced. However, if this seems to time-consuming or too messy of a job, contact the professionals at and they can have it replaced in no time with no effort on the part of the homeowner.

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