Your Home May Need a Repiping Plumbing Service in Baldwin, MD if it has Older Plumbing or Polybutylene Pipes

by | May 27, 2020 | Plumbing

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Owners of older homes which had poor quality water supply and distribution lines installed are prone to find that this plumbing develops leaks which cannot be readily detected. Polybutylene pipes are prone to breaking and leaking, these pipes were used extensively in the 60s and 70s. Lead pipes can be a health hazard and the homeowner should consider replacing them.

The best way to assess the stability of your inside piping is to ask a repiping plumbing service in Baldwin, MD to inspect your home’s plumbing for leaks and areas which could potentially develop a leak. A plumbing technician has the equipment to detect the existence of a leak and to determine what material the pipes are made of. The homeowner can trace the path of a water line hidden behind the wall and determine if any wet spots exist. Wet spots on the wall board or the plaster surely indicate that a pipe is leaking. A repiping plumbing service in Baldwin, MD can find these leaks easily.

A real danger is created by leaking pipes since the water will create black mold, and this mold can grow rapidly. When a pipe is leaking for a long time, the wall may very well fill up with black mold. This condition requires a mold remediation specialist to remove it.

A repiping plumbing service in Baldwin, MD may recommend cross-linked polyethylene tubing as a replacement. This is also known as PEX which is a flexible plastic hose that is snaked in between the walls. Regardless, this plumbing service will recommend the best course of action for your home.

Your home’s main sewer drain line from the house should be inspected annually. Many homeowners believe this is not necessary because they have no trees in their yard. This is a mistake, because tree roots can travel over 100 feet seeking water and roots will bust into a sewer line to find the water. Once in the line, the roots will form a clog and cause sewage to back up into the house through the toilet. Business Name. has the high tech equipment to actually see what condition the sewer line is in. A clog can be removed by using a Hydro Jett System which is water run into the line at up to 3200psi. This will clear the line and clean the walls of the line also.