You can select your glass shower doors from a menu

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Plumbing

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When you add up the variables that are available with Dreamline shower doors the number is well into the hundreds, if not the thousands. Shower doors can be framed or frameless, the glass can be etched, clear or textured, the doors can slide, swing or fold and the glass itself can have various treatments such as anti spotting and tempering.

Many shower doors use a frame around the glass, usually the frame is aluminum which is strong, lightweight and is available anodized in a host of different colors, including bronze, brass and various colors. Many people select the frame colors to compliment the colors or finishes of the fixtures used in the shower area and the sink. Framed doors are rigid, thanks to the frame so the glass thickness can be less and still be safe.

Frameless Dreamline shower doors are becoming more popular, with this door design the glass edges are usually ground smooth and even beveled. This door edge is considered by many to be more artistic than the frame. As there is no need for a frame, there is no need for straight cut edges. In many cases, although the sides and bottom may be cut square, the top is prepared as a curve or a wave. Without a frame, it is even possible for the entire panel of glass to be curved. Although these doors are unique, they also are more expensive but for many, they want the shower to be the highlight of the bathroom and they are not overly concerned with the cost.

Regardless of whether the doors are framed or frameless, they have to be opened and closed. In many cases the method chosen is dependent on the shape, size and location of the shower. There are doors that simply swing on hinges, those that slide in tracks and even doors which are bi-fold or tri-fold. Sliding and folding doors are normally used when the doors are used in conjunction with a tub, the doors are mounted on the tub rim and when the track is sealed with caulk, very little water can escape.

Glass thickness is variable depending on the design, it can vary from ¼” to ½” and it is always tempered. Accidents can happen and if one should happen in the shower, tempered glass will break into small pieces, none of which have sharp edges.