What you Need to Know About Effective Methods to Fix a Broken Garbage Disposal

by | Mar 4, 2014 | Plumbing

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Given that the main reason behind the installation of a garbage disposal in your home is to enable you to conveniently and quickly get rid of waste, a malfunction or breakdown of this system would prove disastrous. While issues with your garbage disposal may often warrant a look by a qualified professional, it is also important you inspect your disposal system whenever a problem arises. This is because some of the possible issues are minimal and you may actually be able to fix them yourself without any hassle at all. Here are three common areas in which you may be able to Fix a Broken Garbage Disposal.

A Disposal that does not Drain

In cases where you find that your disposal is not draining properly, then chances are that waste particles have clogged the drain pipe. As such, you can effectively use an ordinary drain cleaner to unclog the drain, or opt to dismantle the drain trap to check for any existent obstructions and clogs within the pipe. However, if the drain cleaner does not work and if you are not acquainted with DIY plumbing, you need to hire a professional as soon as you can.

A Disposal that does not turn on

If your disposal fails to turn on, you might be dealing with an electrical issue. In such a case, you need to inspect it and ensure that it is properly plugged into the socket. Next, make sure that the reset button at the bottom of the disposal is pressed in. If it still does not come on, check to make sure that your circuit breaker has not tripped. If these measures fail, it is time to call in a professional.


When there is a leak in your garbage disposal system, make sure you check the exact place producing the leak in order to ensure that everything is in its place. You may need to tighten all bolts around the leaking area with a wrench. Besides this, you can also use plumber’s putty to wedge the leaking area. These are effective measures in case of an emergency but would still need to hire a professional.

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