Water Systems in Palm Springs, CA Enhance Drinking Water Quality

by | May 19, 2017 | Water heaters

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The quality of your home’s drinking water is not necessarily at a level that is safe. Research shows this to be the case. According to studies, over 50% of the chemicals detected in tap water have not been subjected to health or safety mandates.

Removing the Toxins from Tap Water

As a result, unsafe elements can still be found in ordinary drinking water such as water from the tap. So, about 54 million American are impacted by this lack of concern. Not only that, but the government has not instituted any new standards for drinking water for approximately the past two decades. Therefore, it is important to install water systems in Palm Springs, CA if you want to ensure the safety of the water from your tap.

Keep Your Own Water Supply Extra Safe

Indeed, the inclusion of clean water systems in your home is a priority when you consider the number of chemicals and pollutants that are still part of the potable water supply. Because of the legislation that is currently in place, it is essential that consumers protect their own incoming water supplies.

Contaminant- and Chemical-Free

When you filter your tap water with premium water systems, you ultimately save money and ensure your and your family’s health. Water systems today are designed to provide you with a fresh water supply: water that is contaminant- and chemical-free. This type of addition also reduces your spending for bottled water or any health problems that are caused from regular tap water use.

Chlorine Is Not Safe

While some of the chemicals that are used to sanitize tap water are necessary to clean it of biological impurities, you still need another type of filtration system to get rid of some of these chemicals. For example, chlorine is used to disinfect the water supply. However, it also is shown to cause respiratory distress and, in the long term, memory loss or problems with balancing.

Companies such as Preferred Air Conditioning, Heating & Plumbing take water filtration seriously. You should too if you want what is best for your family from a health and economic standpoint.