Troubleshooting Tips For Commercial Boiler Repair In Dayton OH

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Plumbing

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Any boiler that is properly functioning consists of not only the boiler itself, but four additional systems which all play a crucial part in operational integrity. These systems are made up of the distribution system for the steam, a draft system, a feedwater system, and also a system for the fuel. There are several sub-components for these systems which should be checked regularly. Here are some tips on how to check these particular things so that commercial boiler repair in Dayton OH can be reduced and the boiler can be kept running at maximum efficiency.

Steam Traps

There are many different types of steam traps that can be used, depending on the type of boiler being used. No matter which type of trap is being used on the particular boiler in question, its main purpose is to remove condensation and air without losing the live steam. When a steam trap fails, the position it will be in will either be closed or open. When the steam trap is closed, no condensation will pass through. A steam trap that fails in the open position will be wasting live steam by simply letting it blow through the trap. This can waste up to tens of thousands of dollars every year.

Steam traps should be tested on a regular basis throughout the year. This can be done using a thermal imaging unit. The advantage that thermal imaging has versus methods used in the past is that the testing can be done right from the work floor. This avoids the need to put oneself in a precarious position by using catwalks or ladders while handling testing equipment.


Pumps are one of the most common components in a boiler system and, therefore, are subject to the most frequent Commercial Boiler Repair in Dayton OH. If a pump fails, it can cause many critical processes to shut down. Not only does this lose money for the business but it also presents great danger for anyone using the boiler. Modern methods for testing pumps include vibration testing which can show misalignment before critical breakdowns occur.

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