Three of the Most Prevalent Residential Plumbing Problems With Fixes

by | Jun 18, 2019 | Plumbing

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Rarely ever do people think about how fortunate they are to live in an environment where virtually everyone’s residence has plumbing. Whether you live in a condominium, a bought-and-paid-for home, an apartment complex, or somewhere else in the greater Red Oak area, you’ve got access to plumbing. Despite mess-free, hidden plumbing systems being so popular, not many know how to fix it when stuff hits the fan. Here are a few common plumbing problems and their frequent fixes.

Sink Won’t Drain

Akin to waterfalls, plumbing systems need two main things: a source of water and an open, unclogged drain. Over time, unfortunately, most drains experience some degree of clogging. If your sink isn’t draining properly, there are at least two go-to remedies. First, illuminate the drain with a powerful flashlight and see if there’s anything you can manually remove. If your drain isn’t fixed after removing potential blockages, use a lye-based drain cleaner – it’s available where most consumer goods are.

Blocked Toilet but No Plunger

Most toilets get stopped up with human excrement from time to time. However, other objects are also known to commonly clog toilets. Plungers work well, but you might find yourself without one. Instead, you can boil a pot of water. Right before dumping the scalding-hot water in the toilet, add a few teaspoons of dish soap. After five to 10 minutes, flush the commode. You may need to search for plumbers in Red Oak, TX, if you’re still out of luck.

Weak Shower Water Pressure

Although this can mean your municipality simply has poor water pressure, you should try cleaning your showerhead first. Use a sewing needle to poke the holes clean. Next, take it apart and soak it in vinegar overnight. You should also consider getting a new shower head if these methods don’t remove visible debris. If these steps don’t help, your water pressure issue might come from your home’s plumbing, which is when it’s time to call plumbers in Red Oak, TX area.