Sensors, an effective way to deal with leak problems

by | Nov 15, 2011 | Plumbing Problem

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Water leak problem is not something that is confined only to old homes. The problem has also showed up in newly constructed homes. It does not comes to notice until high pressure force of water is made to flow through the pipes. Scientific technology has been of great boon to us, and the water leak problem can surely be dealt with its help. Water detection and leak detection sensors are here for your help. There are two types of such sensors available in the market. The first being the passive type and other the active one.

The passive sensor can be placed around a particular spot or appliance, where an alarm goes on, in case it senses moisture. It is a nice, cheap battery operated sensor, that is easy on installation part. The only negative factor being that one needs to be physically present in case the alarm goes on. This is because someone needs to be at home to turn off water supply.

A much improved system, but relatively expensive system, is the active sensor. This water detection and leak detection device checks for any leak and shuts off the water flow to the appliance. A professional needs to be called in, since it involves placing a valve in-sync with the appliance. The still better option is entire house leak sensor and automatic shut off system. Sensors placed near each appliances communicate with a central control system. The system is connected to water shut off valve for the entire house. This is much like installing a security system, connected to an alarm system for the entire home.

The market is full of wide range of water detection and leak detection sensors up for grabs. To ensure that you select the right product, consult an expert advice.

Leak Problems

Leak Problems