Plumbing Jobs that Require a Professional

by | Feb 21, 2018 | Plumbing

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Plumbing may seem simple on the outside, but certain jobs can make it seem like rocket science. And these super complicated jobs are much closer to home than you may think. For the inexperienced, and even those experienced but not professionally trained and outfitted, these can take an incredible amount of time and effort than they should. Which is why there are some jobs that you need to leave to the pros. If you are wondering if a job requires a trusted plumber in Saskatoon, SK to handle, here are the biggest plumbing jobs that are best left in the hands of those who are properly trained.

#1. Pipe/mainline repairs

Now in normal cases, the pipe just needs to be tightened up with a wrench, and it’s fine. However, if parts of the pipes themselves are damaged, rusted, and generally in need of replacing, then you need to call in a plumber. They know how to turn off water to the house (very important when working on pipes) and have the tools required to remove and replace old pipes. Equipment that is typically not easily available to the average person who isn’t themselves a plumber.

#2. Water heater repairs

In general, repairing water heaters yourself is a terrible idea. Not only is there a very tiny margin for error, that margin grows even smaller depending on what type of water heater you have. The two most common types of water heater are electric and gas water heaters. With electric water heaters, you run the risk of getting yourself really wet, right next to several hundred volts of electricity. With natural gas tanks, you risk potential natural gas leaks, and the problems that arise from that are obvious. And on the subject of gas…

#3. Anything involving natural gas

Natural gas is notoriously volatile, both when inhaled, and when near an open flame. When repairing or replacing gas lines, you should only ever use pipes that are clearly rated for natural gas. And then that pipe needs to be tightened much tighter than most other pipes. Any kind of work involving or relating to gas powered water heaters or furnaces should strictly be handled by the proper professionals.

There’s nothing necessarily wrong with wanting to do a job yourself. However, some jobs are just too big for one person with no professional experience in what needs fixing. Plumbers are there to help you, so if you have a plumbing issue that’s simply too big for you, look up a good plumber, and leave it to the professionals. Visit Perfection Plumbing for more information.