Plumbers in Cedar Rapids, IA Use Vacuum Trucks to Clean Septic Tanks

by | Feb 8, 2017 | Septik Tank Service

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In order to keep your septic tank in working order, plumbing and septic professionals recommend that the tank be pumped every three to five years, depending on the amount of use. By taking this measure, you prevent any scum or sludge from escaping from the tank. Vacuum tanks are used to properly get rid of the excess or prevent overflow.

Sump Tank Pumping and Hydro Excavation Services

Not only do plumbers in Cedar Rapids, IA use vacuum tanks for pumping out sludge but they also use them for other repairs and preventative maintenance tasks. For example, hydro excavation services that also use vacuum trucks include debris removal, cold weather digging, and slot trenching services.

Companies such as Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning make full use of vacuum trucks for an array of plumbing and tank cleaning services. They are well-known specialists in septic tank cleaning and servicing. A septic system, in and of itself, is basically a sewage treatment and disposal system that is buried on a property. Properly working systems treat wastewater flow from a home and allocate the cleaner water back into the environment. However, a failing system harms the natural surroundings by contaminating wells, waterways, or the ground service.

Locating a Septic Tank

Often customers cannot locate their septic tanks and ask plumbers to help them locate their septic system. Fortunately, newer septic systems today feature access lids that can be seen at ground level or just above the ground. Some older systems can be located by determining the area in a yard that features greener and faster-growing grass. If you still cannot locate the tank, you can contact the local county health department as it may have a permit in its files that shows the location of the system and tank.

Plumbers also suggest that homeowners can find their septic systems by locating the sanitary exits in their house. The use of a tile probe can be used to find the sanitary line which, in turn, will assist you in locating the tank. If the tank does not feature access lids, you should have them installed by a plumbing specialist. Visit website for more info about the professional plumbers in Cedar Rapids, IA.