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No Reason to Fear Your Plumbing Installation

No Reason to Fear Your Plumbing Installation

When something is out of your realm of experience, it can be easy to fall into fear and anxiety over it. However, if you are worried about your plumbing system installation in Roswell, Georgia being done by Rooter Plus, you have absolutely no reason to be worried! We have 20 years of experience, and we will most definitely make the process simple and easy.

To better acquaint you with the process, we have a created this post, giving a rundown of the installation process.

First, there is the rough-in phase which happens after the framing of the house is completed. All of the pipes are laid but without making the final connections before the drywall is put up. The drains for the sinks and bathtubs are also installed during the rough-in phase.

The next step is putting in all of the large fixtures like the bathtubs and the showers. Items as large as the bathtub often cannot be put in once the walls and doorways are up because they won’t fit. So they are generally added beforehand.

After the floors are laid and the walls are put up, the fixtures can be connected. The sinks and toilets are added at this phase in the construction.

The next step in the plumbing system installation is the water lines. The main water line is split into two pathways. One of them is headed to the hot water tank to supply the house with hot water, and the other is for supplying cold water.

Just as important as the water lines going in, is the drainage lines going out. The waste drains connect to a vertical drain pack called the stack. The stack moves the wastewater out of the house and into either the sewer system or the septic system.

Vent pipes and traps are another important part of the plumbing system installation. The vent pipes supply air to the pipes to keep the water from locking up like a thermos without a venting hole. The traps are a part of the plumbing system that everyone has seen, but may not have recognized for the important part that they are. The traps are the U-shaped bends that can be found in your cabinet under the sink. The bend traps a small amount of water in the pipe which keeps the sewer gases from escaping out the drain and into your house.

RooterPlus is happy to provide plumbing system installation on new construction in the Roswell, Georgia area. Call us for a quote today!

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