Maintaining Sewers In Tampa FL

by | May 22, 2013 | Plumbing

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You probably don’t ever think about what happens to the waste you either flush down the toilet or wash down the sink, but if you have a sewer at your home, it’s important to be conscientious of what you put down the toilet or sink so that you don’t clog up the sewer line. When you flush the toilet and the water circles around but doesn’t go down the drain, or worse yet, overflows onto the floor, you know that you have a problem. When the water stays in the sink and doesn’t drain away, that usually means you have a clog somewhere in the pipe between the house and the sewer. Calling a plumber that works on Sewers Tampa FL for help is usually the simplest way to get your water system running smoothly again.

There are a few items that should not ever be put down the sink or toilet. They can cause clogs in the pipe, going to the sewer or clog the sewer itself. One of the items that should never be put down the sink is cooking grease. Liquid cooking grease coagulates when it combines with the cooler water in the pipes. It can cause a very large clog in the pipes, very easily. It’s best to pour your cooled grease into a container and dispose of it in a wastebasket instead.

Though most say they are safe to flush, many plumbers will tell you that frequently sewer lines get clogged with feminine hygiene products. These items do not flush well and will catch in a pipe causing a clog that the plumber has to physically remove with a plumbing snake or auger. These items should be wrapped or bagged and disposed of in the wastebasket.

Bleach or other harsh cleaning products can cause problems in Sewers Tampa FL too. The bleach used to clean the sink or toilet also kills good and bad bacteria in the sewer. This causes the solids to not break down properly, allowing the septic to fill up and not drain. This can cause a back up of sewage in the toilet, sink, tub and shower. The tank then needs to be pumped to empty it so it can work properly again.

It’s important to be careful what goes down the sink or toilet. If you are cautious what you flush, your sewer should work well for many years.