Little Rock, AR Plumbers: A Hiring Guide

by | Aug 17, 2013 | Plumbing

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Plumbing work is an essential part of home maintenance and repair, so hiring good Little Rock, AR Plumbers is important to ensure quality work for pipes, drains, and fixtures. However, it’s not easy to choose a plumber to do the work. There are many available, from the solo plumber, to the larger plumbing and drain services companies. Overall, there are some aspects that make a good plumber, whether they are part of a large operation or a single person outfit.

All homeowners want Little Rock, AR Plumbers that do quality work at a fair price. In order to ensure that one doesn’t get stuck with an unexpected, high bill, it is useful to come to an agreement about what services will be rendered, and how the work will be billed. For larger projects, it is recommended that several estimates are obtained for comparison. Also, be sure to understand how the plumber charges for materials and any products used, such as piping, fixtures, etc. Many plumbers charge a minimum fee regardless of how little time it takes to complete a job; so, if you have several smaller projects, it is a good idea to have all work attended to. This is more cost effective.

Little Rock, AR Plumbers are required to be licensed for any services that they provide. This ensures that work completed in homes is completed with standard methods and that it is code compliant. It is easy to check the status of a plumber’s license, as this information is public record. The state licensing board maintains this information, and can also verify the business owner and length of business operation.

In addition to licensing, be sure that Little Rock, AR Plumbers maintain liability insurance and workers compensation coverage. This protects the plumbing company in the case of injury and it also protects homeowners from lawsuits due to injuries or damages that occur on the job site. If there is extensive work to be completed, is also a good idea to have the plumbing contractor bonded. This process protects the client is the contract is breached. If the work is not satisfactory, the bond covers the price of having it redone. To know more about the services visit at Advantage Service Company, Inc.