Keep The Sewage Flowing With Quality Drain Cleaning in Saginaw, TX

by | Sep 21, 2015 | Plumbing

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The pipes that remove water and waste from the home can be prone to blockages for multiple reasons. For instance, the sink in a kitchen can accumulate a lot of junk that can eventually cause a problem. The first area of concern is the P-Traps. These or those ‘U’ or ‘S’ shaped pieces of pipe not too far from the actual drain. The purpose of these little marvels is to keep sewer gases from entering the room, and they do this very well. Unfortunately, the very thing that keeps the gas away can also collect debris and require Drain Cleaning in Saginaw TX.

The easiest way to fix this problem is to remove the traps and clean them thoroughly. The trouble with this particular type of Drain Cleaning in Saginaw TX is the possibility of damage to the connections that hold the pieces together. Cross threading the fittings may result in leaks in the pipes and potential damage to surrounding materials. Unless it is known that something is physically blocking the drain, the best thing to try first is plunging the drain. This small procedure might dislodge the debris.

The next area to consider for Drain Cleaning in Saginaw TX is the pipe that connects the building to the municipal system or septic tank. The latter is generally used in rural areas where municipal pipes don’t reach. If these pipes are blocked or damaged, then it is time to call an expert. The repair may vary, but the first step is to access the pipes for viewing. This is done with a tool known as a video snake. This flexible camera system can survey the condition of the pipe and any potential blockages. Initial access to the pipe may be through a vent or by removing the toilet closest to the pipe.

If it turns out that the pipe is damaged, there are two possibilities. The first is digging up the yard and replacing damaged pipe. The second is to insert a sleeve into the existing pipe to seal things off. This is a cost versus longevity decision because the sleeve may not provide the service life of new sewer pipe. To learn more, contact the professionals at Ace Repair Plumbing.