Features of a Good Excavator in Charlottesville

by | Apr 10, 2014 | Plumbing

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An excavator or earthmover is one of the machines that make work easier when it comes to construction and related work. There are many projects that normally need the help of this machine. These include demolition, mining, construction, farming and road construction. There are certain qualities that determine the effectiveness of an excavator in Charlottesville.

The size of the boom arm and bucket

The length of the boom in an excavator is what determines how deep the machine will be able to dig. This means that if you are thinking about doing deep excavation or earth moving for this like mining and archeology, a model that has a long boom is the most appropriate. The bucket, on the other hand is the part of the excavator that scoops the dirt from the ground. The size of the bucket is what determines the amount of dirt the machine is going to dig up in one scoop. Models that have bigger and deeper baskets scoop out a lot of material at once and get the job done faster.

The excavator brand

Another important feature in an excavator in Charlottesville is the brand or the manufacturer. This is because of the fact that these machines are vulnerable to constant wear and tear, which means machines whose spare parts are easily available are the best buy. Excavators that have warranties and other services provided are an indication that the manufacturer has confidence in the quality and durability of the machine. A buyer ought to also ask if there is a return policy for a machine or a part that you find not to be working.

The size of the excavator in Charlottesville and the special features it has

Contrary to what most people believe, a bigger excavator does not mean it is more powerful. What determines the strength of an excavator is the source of its power. The latest models of excavators are using hydraulics, as opposed to electricity. Other features that make a good model of excavator are the type of arm and the attachments available for it. For instance, a demolition excavator will have shears, rippers, hammers, and crushers as possible attachments. On the other hand, an earth mover can either have a simple general purpose bucket or a toothed bucket. The ideal excavator in Charlottesville that Absolute Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services Inc. provides should have the features discussed above.

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