Dealing with sewer backups

by | Nov 22, 2013 | Plumbing

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Sewers can get blocked and backup when grease, hair, soap scum and other foreign matter get into the drain and create a blockage. Sewers will also back up in the event of a very heavy rain where the sanitary sewers become flooded and the excess water backs up the individual drains which lead from the main sewer back into the toilets and bath. In situations like this, all usage of any of the waste drains in the home must be halted and the problem solved. All waste water from a house must go somewhere, and when the main drain is blocked, it is a major problem.

Blocked drains in Surrey where the problem has been caused by the home should be attended to by a professional drain cleaning company or a plumbing firm. If the cause of the backup was a flooded sanitary sewer the only solution is to wait until the problem solves itself.

When there is a sewer backup the floors of the home can quickly be inundated with foul water which harbours a great deal of potentially harmful bacteria. Hard surfaces such as floors and the bathroom fixtures can be cleaned and sanitized, unfortunately this is not the case with carpets and walls; they need to be either professional cleaned or disposed of.

Often a home will sit on a property which has a considerably number of trees. The tree roots seek water, one of the places that the roots quickly migrate to is the sewers where they can penetrate the pipes at any joint, eventually blocking the drain completely. Blockages may be caused by the inadvertent flushing of napkins or even diapers and they can be easily crushed by vehicular traffic if they are not buried deep enough.

When the homeowner is faced with blocked drains in Surrey the best thing to do is call for professionals. The drain from the house to the main sewer may be a considerable distance and there is no way to determine where the blockage is unless sophisticated equipment like cameras is sent into the drain. Once the blockage position has been determined and the cause, the drain cleaning crew can get to work with their tools which include water jets and rotary drain cleaning routers.