Contact A Plumber To Perform Water Heater Repair In Weatherford TX

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Water heaters

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A water heater is not given much consideration by an owner until their shower turns cold or they are unable to wash their dishes with hot water. A water heater will provide a homeowner with signs that it requires attention. If these signs are ignored, the water heater might have to be replaced instead of repaired.

One indication that a water heater requires attention is when there is not enough hot water to complete a shower, bath, etc. When this happens, a heating element will usually need to be replaced. Whether it is a gas or electric unit, an owner should contact a plumber to perform the Water Heater Repair in Weatherford TX.

Anode Rod

The anode rod in a water heater does not affect the temperature of the water. The anode rod is a steel core that has surrounded metal and screws into the top of the water heater. It protects the water heater from rusting through the electrolysis process.

An anode rod only lasts about four to five years. If the rod breaks and falls into the tank, the liner of the tank will be destroyed quickly. The anode rod can be replaced and extend the life of the water heater.

Leaking Pipe At Water Heater

If one of the pipes that enter or exit a water heater begin to leak, an experienced plumber can usually repair them. If the pressure relief valve is leaking, the owner should immediately turn off the water heater and contact a plumber about Water Heater Repair in Weatherford TX as soon as possible. When a water heater leaks from the bottom of the tank, the entire unit will have to be replaced.

Tankless Water Heater

If a water heater cannot be replaced, an owner should consider installing a tankless water heater. This type of water heater will heat the water on demand instead of keeping water hot 24 hours a day. A tankless water heater will save a lot of money in energy costs.

If you are interested in lowering your energy costs and enjoying all of the hot water that you need, an experienced plumbing company can help. Please feel free to Browse us for more information.