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Commercial Wall Coverings Represent Innovative Lines and High Standards of Quality

Commercial Wall Coverings Represent Innovative Lines and High Standards of Quality

We are proud to display a large range of wallcoverings here at Wolf-Gordon, including natural wall coverings stylized for the home or commercial facility.

A commercial wall covering, which is also referred to as contract wall covering, is a decorative wall treatment that is manufactured specifically for high-traffic areas in retail outlets, schools, apartment buildings, office buildings, hospitals and hotels.

It is important to realize that a majority of our commercial wall coverings exceed the performance and physical standards that have been set by the Federal Specification CCC-W-408D for coverings of this type.

Fabric-backed Vinyl – A Popular Choice for a Commercial Covering

Commercial wall coverings that we feature at Wolf-Gordon include fabric-backed vinyl, vinyl-coated paper and paper-backed vinyl wallcoverings. Our fabric-backed vinyl wall-covering product is our most popular contract installation. The backings for these coverings are made of a woven fabric substrate, such as osnaburg or scrim. In some instances, a non-woven substrate is used. Backings are laminated to the covering’s solid vinyl surface.

Types of Vinyl Coverings

For vinyl-coated paper, we feature a wall covering that is made with a paper substrate that highlights a surface that is coated with acrylic vinyl or PVC. Paper-backed vinyl wall coverings feature a pulp substrate that is laminated to achieve a decorative and stable surface. The vinyl coverings are exceptionally durable as they are often categorized as being “peelable” and “scrubbable.”

What is the ASTM?

The ASTM, which stands for the American Society for Testing and Materials, identifies the categories for commercial wall coverings. Type 1 wall coverings are light-duty coverings made of a commercial grade vinyl.

Type I Vinyl

In order to earn Type I certification, vinyl wall coverings must meet the criteria recommended for tear resistance, breaking strength, cracking resistance and crocking. Type I type vinyl coverings are often used in office or apartment buildings as well as in hotel rooms. Builders and decorators who are budget-conscious often like these low cost vinyl wall coverings.

The Most Used Vinyl Coverings

Type II vinyl wall coverings represent the most broadly specified classification for commercial type interiors. Type II coverings must meet all the criteria established for stain resistance, abrasion resistance and colorfastness set by the ASTM. They must also possess a higher resistance to tearing, breaking and crocking than their Type 1 counterparts. The majority of the commercial wall coverings that we at Wolf-Gordon sell are Type II vinyl coverings. Wainscoting can be employed for Type II type vinyl covering too.

The Type III Group

Finally, Type III commercial wall coverings showcase those coverings that are used in traffic areas with an ongoing traffic flow. Just as their counterparts, these vinyl coverings must also meet all standards for tear resistance, abrasion, staining, crocking and breaking.

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