Avoiding Problems with a Sewage Ejector Pump in Oak Park

by | Jan 21, 2013 | Plumbing

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If the toilet in your home is located below the sewer line, you will probably need a sewage ejector pump in Oak Park. These appliances are very important because they transport waste water into the sewage system. Normally, an ejector pump in Oak Park will be found in the basement of a property and they are able to pump both liquids and solids into the sewer. However, when plumbing goes head-to-head with gravitational forces, problems can arise and this is why you need to be careful to avoid complications. By learning more about an ejector pump in Oak Park, you can sidestep potential issues.

Powering the Pump

An ejector pump in Oak Park will be powered by electricity and it is vital that you do not overload the electrical circuits in your property, because if the fuse box breaks, your pump will not work properly. It is advisable to power your pump via an independent circuit, as this will provide the ejector pump with up to 20 amps of electricity. Inconveniences can be avoided when you inspect the wiring on a regular basis. If you notice burns or loose wiring, make sure you contact a professional who can give you advice to reduce the chances of overheating in the future.

Pump Blockages

Many people have to fork out money to replace their ejector pump in Oak Park or to unblock pipes because of bad habits. It is important that you only flush organic waste down the toilet. If anything else enters the pipes, the material will not be able to break down as efficiently and this could affect the water flow. Sewage ejectors can handle paper and other light materials because it will grind these materials finely for a smooth transition into the pipes. Despite this, the pump will break or become faulty if it comes face-to-face with shells, bones and dental floss. Grease can also damage the pump but by contacting a plumber to snake the lines every few months or so, this is unlikely to happen.

Pump Size

If the ejector pump in Oak Park is struggling to do its job properly, you probably need to buy a pump with a larger capacity. Large houses will require larger sewage ejector pumps, so bear this in mind if you live in a house that is bigger than the average. Think about when water flow is at its peak in your house. This could be during laundry time, bath time or dishwashing time. Whenever it is, calculate the peak flow and buy an ejector pump based on this information. By doing this, you will never fall into trouble with your pump.