Avoid Plumbing Disasters With Routine Preventative Maintenance

by | Jan 16, 2013 | Plumbing

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Did You Know Your Plumbing System Could Use a Tune-Up Too?

Why spend a ton of money on big-ticket plumbing problems when you do not have to? You can avoid a plumbing disaster by carrying out preventative maintenance periodically; it will save you time and money over the longer term.

Pay Attention to the Drains

Though you may think that most plumbers are called in for things like sewer line replacement, they are actually brought in most frequently for something as simple as drain cleaning. Drains can become clogged quite easily due to build up of grease, hair and other debris. But what can you do to prevent this from occurring? Either use a product designed to stop drain clogs or go the natural route, pour boiling, sudsy water down the drain to help clean the pipes. As far as hair goes, use a simple screen or drain cover to prevent it from getting into the drain in the first place.

Insulation is Important

Are your water pipes properly insulated? This is really important, especially during the winter when pipes can actually freeze. Frozen pipes can be quite an expensive plumbing to rectify, so in the fall, as the weather turns cooler, simply disconnect and drain your garden hoses. You will also want to turn off the indoor cut-off valve to prevent frozen pipes.

What Your Plumber Will Look For

Having your plumber come out at least once a year to check on your system and perform a routine tune-up will save you money and a big headache later. Here are some of the things your plumber will look for. Once you know what to look for you can keep an eye out as well and know exactly when you should call a professional.

* Check for exposed pipes and signs of leaks. Symptoms of a leak will include small puddles and water stains.

* Look for corrosion. This can cause leaks and bad pipe connections if not dealt with early. A typical sign of corrosion is a discoloration of the pipes.

* Test the water pressure. Low water pressure may indicate a build up of sediment in the faucet or showerhead or even a problem with the water line.

* Check for sediment in the faucets and shower heads. Simply remove them and check.

* Test drainage in the sinks, showers and tubs. Slow draining usually means there is a clog or backup in the pipe. Bubbles and gurgling while water drains from the sink is another bad sign.

* Check the toilet and its flushing mechanisms. If the toilet does not flush properly or continuously runs, you could be wasting money and you are definitely wasting water.

* Check for loose tiles around water pipes, sinks and in the shower. Loose tiles could indicate a leak or that the wall is rotting underneath.

* Double-check all caulking around the tub, sink and toilet.

* Inspect the water heater’s burner chamber for corrosion, rust and leaks.

* Make sure there are no cracks or leaks in the washing machine hoses.

When you call a Horizon Services certified plumber, pay attention to what he or she does during the tune-up and be sure to ask questions.

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