Obtaining Authentic Gold & Silver Jewelry

by | Apr 10, 2013 | General

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There are tons of Gold & Silver Pawn Shops that anyone can go to receive instant cash. Gold and silver jewelry have always been in high demand and pawnshops are a great place for one to obtain authentic gold and silver jewelry without having to pay a ton of money for them. You can even take out a loan for your gold and silver, as it would be used as collateral. However, keep in mind that the loan comes with high interests that you’d have to pay. It more than likely would end up costing you more in the end than what your loan amount was.

Am I Guaranteed That The Jewelry Is Authentic?

All pawn shops inspect the jewelry for authenticity. Authentic jewelry can be bought at a higher price than a knock-off brand. Most shops even pay top dollar to receive authentic jewelry. If you’re looking to buy any jewelry and have doubts, the pawnbroker is always more than welcome to go over the inspection with you. You can always bring an appraiser with you to back up the claims on what the pawnbroker is telling you. Make sure to read up the terms and conditions and the fine print to see if there’s a thirty or sixty day satisfaction guarantee.

If I’m Selling My Jewelry, How Can I Know I’m Getting A Good Offer?

If you’re selling your jewelry, then you would want to do some online research on how much the cost is on average for it. Most shops tend to scour sites such as eBay to see how much the bids are going for that particular brand name and design. Also the condition is taken into account because if the jewelry is in excellent condition, then top dollar can be given. Don’t expect to receive a few thousand from the pawnbroker. It has happened before; however, it’s only for the most rarest jewelry that has some past noble history. A pawnbroker could end up paying a few thousand if they wanted to keep it for themselves, so the option could still be available for you.

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