How Drain Inspections IN Carmel IN Can Help A Plumber Diagnose Sewer Related Problems

by | Oct 17, 2017 | Plumbing

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There is nothing quite as frustrating than a clogged sewer pipe because left untreated it can lead to a sewage backup and cause a home to become unsafe for those who live there. Some drain clogs are simple to diagnose and remedy, but others can be more challenging and leave a plumber stumped as to the root of the problem. When traditional methods aren’t viable, plumbers can perform drain inspections in Carmel IN to gain a better idea of what is happening and what course of action will fix it.

Broken Pipes

While it is not a typical issue, it is possible for the line that runs to the sewer main to break either from a tree root or natural settling. When a pipe breaks, the problem will not be solved by standard treatment methods. Fortunately, a plumber can perform a video inspection of the pipe and determine if it is broken and in need of replacement, which can allow a homeowner to address the root of the issue and restore normal operation.

Sewer Main Issues

When an issue with a sewer system originates on the owner’s property, then they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for any costs associated with the repair. If, however, the problem is with the sewer main, then the utility company will be responsible for repairing it. A plumber can determine the exact location of the issue and help a homeowner decide if the local water company should be contacted to conduct the repair.

Slow Drain Issues

Drain Inspections in Carmel IN can help identify what is causing a drain to run slower than usual. After conducting a video inspection, the plumber will be able to determine the issue and create a plan to repair it. Most problems are caused by issues such as tree roots and small organic blockages and can be corrected before they lead to a full obstruction that can prevent the flow of sewage.

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