Advice for Emergency Plumbing in Rockville

by | Apr 15, 2013 | Plumbing

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Emergency plumbing situations are just that – emergencies! You never know when they are going to happen, and when they do, it is always invariably at the worst possible time. It’s easy to feel helpless and frustrated when your plumbing goes haywire, but if you take a few seconds to prepare yourself for the most common situations ahead of time, you can have a bit of control over the situation and possibly save yourself from property damage.

Make sure you know where the main shut-off valves are for all of your major water-using appliances. You will usually find shut-off valves on the pipes under your sink, behind the toilet, and attached to your hot water tank, clothes washer, etc. Often these shut-off valves look like small handles that you can turn to stop the flow of water to your appliance at the point closest to it.

Your home should also have main shut-off valves that can stop the flow of water into your entire interior plumbing system. These are on the larger pipes that feed the main water supply to your appliances and can also look like handles, or may be a colored lever or may be something that require a special tool. Make sure you know where these are and how to operate them! If you are unsure, ask a handyman or plumber to show you. In times of trouble, shutting these valves off before you call an Emergency Plumber is essential to protecting your property.

When there is a problem with any of your major water using appliances, first turn off the shut-off valves that attach to them specifically. If the problem is much bigger, such as a burst pipe that is leaking, cracked, or broken pipe, proceed immediately to the main shut-off valves in your home and turn them off completely. Next, turn on all of the faucets in your home. That may seem somewhat counter-intuitive, but what it will do is drain the water that is still left in the pipes after you have turned of the main valves into your drains and keep it from ending up on your floor, in your walls, leaking from your ceiling, or other places where you definitely don’t want stray water.

After taking these precautions, find Emergency Plumbing Rockville immediately! Call a reputable plumbing business and leave the difficult repair work to a professional.